September’s Most Coveted

Everything we want right now.

By: Chelsey Burnside

Not to burst your inflatable swan or anything, but that’s (almost) a wrap on Summer 2015.
Savor those last drops of your lavender paloma, because before you can say “Siri, do I need a cardigan?” it’ll be time to trade those beach blankets for blanket capes, Kiinis for Kenzo sweaters, and pre-Labor Day whites for post-Labor Day whites (some rules were just made to be broken, you know?).   
If you’re sensing a little too much excitement for impending Vitamin D deficiency, it’s because September is fashion’s favorite month, and this is our Christmas Eve: the back-to-back fashion weeks; the oversized magazine issues; the welcome reprieve from ‘are-these-shorts-office-appropriate?’ queries.
Here’s everything we can’t wait to click buy on this month.



FURRY FRIENDS Last fall it was the Muppet-hued coat; the year... Read More


Furry Friends


Last fall it was the Muppet-hued coat; the year before that, it was the oversized fur vest. This season’s statement soft thing comes in bag form, from leather-lined shearling to furs color-blocked in cotton-candy pastels. 



CLEVER LEATHER We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: September’s... Read More


Clever Leather


We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: September’s forecast always calls for leather weather. This season, we’re taking our hides to new heights—think cascading carwash pleats, tiered accordion minis, and the Alexander McQueen harness bra of your NSFW dreams.



HOLY SHEET   You’ve seen the Snapchats—not even a supermodel can pull... Read More


Holy Sheet


You’ve seen the Snapchats—not even a supermodel can pull off a sheet mask. They may make you look horror-movie disfigured, but these serum-soaked cotton veils are way easier to apply and remove than your standard gels and clays. Our favorites are infused with skin food like fermented coconut juice, hyaluronic acid, and, well, snail slime. Beauty isn’t always pretty, guys.



NOT-FOR-THE-GYM SNEAKERS Chances are we’ll all look back on 2015 as... Read More


Not-for-the-Gym Sneakers


Chances are we’ll all look back on 2015 as that year comfort reigned supreme and we all trotted around at double-speed in socially acceptable sneakers (enjoy it while it lasts, guys). We’re taking full advantage of the borrowed-from-the-11-year-old-boys trend with, in the words of Nas, more kicks than a baby in a mother’s stomach: statement slip-ons, ugly-pretty flatforms and suede Nikes in vintage collegiate hues.



DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: ONE LOVE ORGANICS Take it from our Shelf of... Read More


Designer Spotlight: One Love Organics


Take it from our Shelf of Random Pretty Crap—the struggle is all too real when it comes to our adorable packaging obsession. But when outer beauty matches the product inside? Consider us cult followers. Our latest holy-grail line is One Love Organics, which, via some form of herbal witchcraft, manages to have the trifecta of shelf appeal, all-natural ingredients, and it actually works. Cue Bob Marley: “One loooove…”